Elisabeth Oehri-Nagy

Accounting / Client Relationship Management

Key activities

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements including balance sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Liquidity Statement
  • Auditable financial statements
  • VAT Statements
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Tax returns for companies
  • Coordination of internal and external experts and partners
  • Consulting and support in accounting questions
  • Advisory for Hungarian clients

Professional career

Elisabeth Öhri-Nagy has been working for Legacon Treuhand Anstalt as an accountant and advisor for Hungarian clients since 2018. She gathered her profound experience as accountant and client advisor over several years in two small trust companies in Liechtenstein.

Her Hungarian origin and her network in Hungary allow her to be a specialist in questions concerning structures in connection with Hungary, a country with a jurisdiction that is well complemented by the joint double taxation agreement with Liechtenstein.

Elisabeth Öhri-Nagy holds a degree in private banking from the University of Liechtenstein. Afterwards she concentrated on structures in connection with Hungary and other Eastern European countries. Ms. Öhri-Nagy is currently completing her education as a specialist FRW with a federal certificate.


Hungarian, German, English